Multifunction display unit InfoBoardDisplay (IBD) provides various vehicle information directly to driver. The exact amount of fuel in each tank is provided by an external fuel probe IBR and other data by vehicle CAN bus when available.

During the ride, it is possible to switch off the display / light by long pressing the control button. Short press activates each displayed information:

  • the driving style
  • engine speed split into segments
  • inexact amount of the fuel from the CAN bus
  • exact amount of fuel in each tank, and total number of liters
  • notification of low level fuel
  • fuel alarm when vehicle parked
  • immediate and overall average fuel consumption
  • electrical system voltage
  • communication error

Demo video.

The Driving style

With the help of "Smiley" icons, it shows, depending on the engine power, current driving style. This information is the result of the comparison and evaluation of several data (accelerator pedal position, speed, engine speed and torque).

Engine speed split into segments

According to the colour of the LED, driver has a permanent overview of the segment in which the engine speed actually works.

  • blue - idle speed
  • green - working speed
  • red - increased speed

Inexact amount of the fuel from the CAN bus

The indication is displayed only when external fuel probe IBR is not mounted and is available on the vehicle CAN bus. Due to the low resolution of the existing fuel probe in the vehicle this figure is inaccurate.

Exact amount of fuel in each tank, and total number of liters

These data are provided only by an external fuel probe IBR fitted in each tank in the vehicle. In total, it is possible to process data from up to three tanks. The measurement is in the range of 1-2% according to the tank shape. There is an indication of the number of liters in each tank individually "1", "2" and the total amount of fuel "L"

Notification of low level fuel

The driver is warned of the upcoming low level fuel. "R" is flashing and making an acoustic signal. This information is displayed until the fuel reaches the minimum limit set for signal - usually 12% of the tank volume.

Fuel alarm when vehicle parked

When vehicle parked and loss level of fuel in any tank occur, ALARM function is activated automatically ALARM. The display will flash "A" and simultaneously hear intermittent signal. To amplify this signal is available relay contacts and can be switched eg. An external siren or horn.

Immediate and overall average fuel consumption

The display shows the current consumption from the vehicle CAN bus. There is also an indication of the average total consumption for the whole life-time of vehicle.

Electrical system voltage

To check the correct operation of charging vehicle's battery there is value available too.

Communication error

If the symbol "E" lights up on the display, an error has occurred ie.: one of the wires is broken or most often is touching a vehicle frame. Please contact the manufacturer or the service technician who performed the installation into the vehicle.