The data from the CAN bus of the vehicle forwards towards the user unit InfoBoardForwarder (IBF). This unit ensures the communication between the CAN Changer and user server via GPRS in GSM networks. At the same time it process the information from the GPS receiver. In the event of theft of fuel from tank when vehicle parked, "ringing" numbers stored in its phone list!!! At the same time this record is saved in the alarm events database.

  • Reads any message from CAN bus
  • GPRS data transmission over to the server
  • Generate reports according to customer wishes
  • Data available in MySQL database
  • Easy connection to the already installed customer solutions

InfoBoardForwarder (IBF) can transfer all the data from the vehicle CAN bus in format SAE J1939. It is up to the user what messages he wants transfer from CAN vehicle bus... It is not necessary to make any masking of data or other complex definitions in order to transfer. With such information, the unit IBF works, what to send, how often, and other settings are part of the well-arranged configuration file. Setting of this unit is done by selecting a PGN (Parameter Group Number), respectively a specific SPN (Suspect Parameter Number).

Software for reading CAN bus

After connecting the PC to the vehicle CAN bus (e.g. via service program R/T_FMS) are visible available information and includes a SPN number of each PGN. In the configuration file, only the those SPN that I want to send to the server are selected for subsequent evaluation and visualization of data transferred. This approach ensures compatibility with specifications of FMS protocol and user-friendly setting. The server will processed forwarded data and slice individual journeys that are saved into MySQL database. Data are available for reading by existing programs of users or through our server API.

Technical product specifications

Power supply: 8 - 37V DC
Operating temperature: -25°C – +70°C
Dimensions: 100×55×25 mm
Current draw: ~12 mA, when transmitting up to ~800mA in very short period
Modem Cinterion® (Siemens): GPRS Class 12